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‘Filtration’ is one of the greatest features available in Azure Data Studio. You can filter data same like excel. I have written an article about it in detail. Recently, while using filter option in Azure Data Studio, I came across an error as shown below.

Let me demonstrate why we came across this error and how we can solve this error. The reason behind this error is that the maximum number of rows allowed to do filtering and sorting has exceeded, so we need to increase the threshold in order to filter table which can be done by the following steps.

Step 1:

In Azure Data Studio, click on the Manage option in the left bottom of the window as shown below.

Step 2: 

In Manage, click on Settings option as shown below.


Step 3: 

It will open Settings window, please select Data menu. In Data menu, click on Query Editor as shown below.

Step 4:

We just need to change In Memory Data Processing Threshold option, and change the threshold as per our requirement. As shown below, we have changed it from 5000 to 10000. 5000 is default value.


Increasing the Memory Data Processing Threshold will resolve this error, but it will slow down your Azure Data Studio. Please remember to handle it carefully.

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