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Date data type plays an important role in the database and when its subject comes, we cannot skip its formatting as well. Today, we will discuss how to do formatting of date data type without using a single function like Convert, Cast, Substring, DateName, Replace etc.
In SQL Server 2012, we can use one functionFORMAT to format date instead of multiple functions.
Let me explain it with simple examples to convert date into different formats using Format:

Declare @Date as Date =Getdate()
Select @Date --2012-10-13

Select Format(@Date,'yy.MM.dd') as [yy.MM.dd] --12.10.13

Select Format(@Date,'yyyy.MM.dd') as [yyyy.MM.dd] --2012.10.13

Select Format(@Date,'dd.MM.yyyy') as [dd.MM.yyyy] --13.10.2012

Select Format(@Date,'MM/dd/yy') as [MM/dd/yy] --10/13/12

Select Format(@Date,'MM/dd/yyyy') as [MM/dd/yyyy] --10/13/2012

Select Format(@Date,'dd/MM/yyyy') as [dd/MM/yyyy] --13/10/2012

Select Format(@Date,'dd-MM-yyyy') as [dd-MM-yyyy] --13-10-2012

Select Format(@Date,'dd MMM yyyy') as [dd MMM yyyy] --13 Oct 2012

Select Format(@Date,'MMM dd, yyyy') as [MMM dd, yyyy] --Oct 13, 2012

Select Format(@Date,'MM-dd-yy') as [MM-dd-yy] --10-13-12

Select Format(@Date,'MM-dd-yyyy') as [MM-dd-yyyy] --10-13-2012

Select Format(@Date,'yy/MM/dd') as [yy/MM/dd] --12/10/13

Select Format(@Date,'yyyy/MM/dd') as [yyyy/MM/dd] --2012/10/13

Select Format(@Date,'yyMMdd') as [yyMMdd] --121013

Select Format(@Date,'yyyyMMdd') as [yyyyMMdd] --20121013

Select Format(@Date,'yy-MM-dd') as [yy-MM-dd] --12-10-13

Select Format(@Date,'yyyy-MM-dd') as [yyyy-MM-dd] --2012-10-13

Select Format(@Date,'MM/yy') as [MM/yy] --10/12

Select Format(@Date,'MM/yyyy') as [MM/yyyy] --10/2012

Select Format(@Date,'yy/MM') as [yy/MM] --12/10

Select Format(@Date,'yyyy/MM') as [yyyy/MM] --2012/10

Select Format(@Date,'MMMM dd,yyyy') as [MMMM dd,yyyy] --October 13,2012

Select Format(@Date,'MMM yyyy') as [MMM yyyy] --Oct 2012

Select Format(@Date,'MMMM yyyy') as [MMMM yyyy] --October 2012

Select Format(@Date,'dd MMMM') as [dd MMMM] --13 October

Select Format(@Date,'MMMM dd') as [MMMM dd] --October 13

Select Format(@Date,'dd MMMM yy') as [dd MMMM yy] --13 October 12

Select Format(@Date,'dd MMMM yyyy') as [dd MMMM yyyy] --13 October 2012

Select Format(@Date,'MM-yy') as [MM-yy] --10-12

Select Format(@Date,'MM-yyyy') as [MM-yyyy] --10-2012

Select Format(@Date,'yy-MM') as [yy-MM] --12-10

Select Format(@Date,'yyyy-MM') as [yyyy-MM] --2012-10

Select Format(@Date,'MMddyy') as [MMddyy] --131012

Select Format(@Date,'MMddyyyy') as [MMddyyyy] --10132012

Select Format(@Date,'ddMMyy') as [ddMMyy] --131012

Select Format(@Date,'ddMMyyyy') as [ddMMyyyy] --13102012

Select Format(@Date,'MMM-yy') as [MMM-yy] --Oct-12

Select Format(@Date,'MMM-yyyy') as [MMM-yyyy] --Oct-2012

Select Format(@Date,'dd-MMM-yy') as [dd-MMM-yy] --13-Oct-12

Select Format(@Date,'dd-MMM-yyyy') as [dd-MMM-yyyy] --13-Oct-2012

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