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I came across this query ‘how to add & view multiline texts in any varchar field’ when our team was migrating a customer data from legacy system, and one of our team members tried to update the comments field in a column of a table.

Before processing with the solution, I would like to create a sample table to demonstrate the solution.


USE Tempdb
--DROP TABLE tbl_sample
CREATE TABLE tbl_sample
[Col_ID] INT,
[Col_varchar] varchar(50)


In this solution, we can copy and paste the same text covered with single quote and insert into varchar column. Given below is the script.

USE Tempdb
INSERT INTO tbl_sample VALUES (1,'This is a sample
comment on raresql.com to demonstrate
multiline text')

Lets browse the table and view the record that is it updated as a multiline or not. Given below is the script.

USE Tempdb
SELECT * FROM tbl_sample

multiline text.1.1

Opssssss, it is not updated as multiline in the column ;). Unfortunately if you view it in a grid it will not show as a multiline text. So to resolve it, you need to change from results to grid to results to text (Crtl+T).

multiline text.1.2

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