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Sometimes, when you create a new object using SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) and try to use that newly created object, it shows a red line underneath that object and if you move your mouse cursor on that object, it says the object does not exist, but on the other hand it manipulates the query too, as shown in the picture below.


When I came across this issue earlier I thought it could be a bug. But actually it is not, so what is wrong with SQL Server ? Basically once you create a new SQL Server object, your newly created object does not get updated in the IntelliSence Local Cache and due to this, it shows red line underneath that object. So you just need to refresh SSMS IntelliSence Local Cache and once you refresh it, IntelliSence will automatically add newly created object in the cache and the red line will disappear. Now, the question is how to update it ? You can achieve in two different ways. Given below are the details.

  • Shortcut

In this method, you need to open SSMS and just need to press “Ctrl+Shift+R” and Intellisence Local Cache will be updated automatically.

  • Via Menu

In this method, you need to open SSMS then go to Edit menu and point IntelliSence and select Refresh Local Cache and once you select Refresh Local Cache, your Intellisence Local Cache will be updated automatically as shown in the picture below.


Let me know, what you guys did, when you came across it first time 😉 ?

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