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SQL Server profiler is a very handy tool when it comes to tracing queries and trouble shooting etc. But if you run the sql server profiler with default settings, it will show you all the tracing going on in the SQL Server.Then you need to further filter it to achieve whatever you are exactly looking for with different filters.
Today, I will share a shortcut that can help you to trace query that you are doing with your session. Because mostly SQL developers / QA are interested to debug their own activities (in their own sessions) via SQL Server Profiler.
Note : This feature is available in SQL SERVER 2008 and above.

Lets do it step by step :

Step 1 :
Open a new query window and right click on it.

Step 2 :
Click on the Trace Query in SQL Server Profiler or press Ctrl+Alt+P.

sql server profiler1.1

Step 3 :
It will open SQL Server Profiler.

Step 4 :
Now, whatever you will perform in this query window it will show you in this profiler. But if you open a new query window it will not trace it in this profiler. This is very handy for short term tracing or trouble shooting.

sql server profiler1.2

The reason behind this is if you open the property window (File menu \ properties …) of this sql server query profiler, and go to events selection and the click on column filters button, you can see that it automatically filters your sessions. So whatever you do in your session only that will be traced.

sql server profiler1.3

sql server profiler1.4

Will post how filters work in SQL Server profiler in my upcoming post.

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